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Temozolomide, an oral DNA methylator that inactivates the DNA repair enzyme O(6)-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (AGAT), has demonstrated anticancer activity on protracted schedules. Protracted schedules may lead to an 'autoenhancement' of temozolomide's inherent cytotoxic potential by cumulative reduction of the cell's capacity for AGAT-mediated DNA(More)
BACKGROUND Prostate cancer is for many men a chronic disease with a long life expectancy after treatment. The impact of prostate cancer therapy on men has been well defined, however, explanation of the consequences of cancer treatment has not been modelled against the wider variables of long-term health-care provision. The aim of this study was to explore(More)
PURPOSE To assess the feasibility of administering camptothecin (CPT), the prototypic topoisomerase I inhibitor, as polyethylene glycol (PEG)-CPT, a macromolecule consisting of CPT conjugated to chemically modified PEG. The study also sought to determine the maximum-tolerated dose (MTD) of PEG-CPT, characterize its pharmacokinetic behavior, and seek(More)
Despite an unremitting increase in the number of patients presenting symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), the viable treatment options remain relatively limited when compared to other disorders of aging. This has spurred an interest in so-called alternative medicines, many of which continue to be used in spite of the more recent emergence of(More)
  • Françoise Charnay-Sonnek, Louis Denis, Hannah E Fairbanks, Statistician, Daniel Kelly, Kay Leonard +4 others
  • 2014
Contributors: JC-H and SF conceived the design of the study and acquisition of the data. European countries. The initial draft of the paper was produced by JC-H and SF, and circulated between all authors for critical revision. All authors were involved in the descriptive data and read and approved the final manuscript. Acknowledgement: We would like to(More)
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