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To further elucidate the minimum bioactive conformation of neuropeptide Y (NPY), a series of truncated and conformationally constrained analogues has been prepared. The synthesis and purification of these peptides was achieved using routine laboratory strategies and techniques. Parent molecules consisted of the native NPY N-terminal 1-4 and C-terminal 25-36(More)
Truncated, branched, and/or cyclic neuropeptide Y (NPY) analogues were tested for their ability to bind to the neuroblastoma cells, SK-N-MC (Y1 receptor) and SK-N-BE(2) (Y2 receptor). The design of such analogues was inspired by models of NPY based on the crystal structure of avian pancreatic polypeptide. The minimum length of the backbone was investigated(More)
Three spontaneous avalanches were observed in Lia, Longyearbyen, Svalbard, each occurring naturally under similar temperature conditions. Automatic measurements of temperature inside the snowpack led to examination of the triggering of avalanches in cold conditions following a rapid drop in temperature. The mechanical properties of ice depend on the slab(More)
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