Louis Cyril Henry Fourie

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James Kariuki Njenga is a lecturer and a doctoral candidate at the department of Information Systems, University of the Western Cape, and an e-learning consultant under the name eLearning Fundi. Louis C. Abstract Proponents have marketed e-learning by focusing on its adoption as the right thing to do while disregarding, among other things, the concerns of(More)
The paper explores the value and use of Concept Maps in the alignment process of the strategic intent of a business. The success of strategy is often determined by a leader's ability to translate sophisticated strategic intent into simple, actionable language and to cascade this to every level in the organization to ensure alignment. To determine the(More)
Major industrial countries gradually developed from industrialised economies to information-and knowledge-based economies, where people became the most valuable asset to companies due to their abilities and valuable tacit knowledge. Unfortunately tacit knowledge is contained in people's minds, is difficult to access and therefore needs to be captured so it(More)
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