Louis Boutet

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1. Linearity and Continuity 1.1 Continuity 1.2 Linearity 1.3 Perturbation theory and linearity 1.4 Axiomatically linear equations 1.4.1 Fields, Maxwell equations 1.4.2 Densities on phase space in classical physics 1.4.3 Quantum mechanics and Schrödinger equation 2. Examples 2.1 Ordinary differential equations 2.2 The Laplace equation 2.3 The wave equation(More)
S “SPECTRAL THEORY AND PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS” UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN 19 20 21 NOVEMBER 2008 IN HONOUR OF PROFESSOR GERD GRUBB 1. Helmut Abels: On Stokes operators with variable viscosities We will present some recent results on properties of some modified Stokes operators for the case that the viscosity is a given non-constant function. It will(More)
One of the main objectives of this paper is to address the following question: When is the global CR automorphism group of a CR manifold a Lie group in an appropriate topology? We give here sufficient geometric conditions on a CR manifold M to guarantee that the group of all its smooth (and real-analytic when M is real-analytic) CR automorphisms has the(More)
Let u belong (for example) toW 1,n+1(Sn×Λ, S)λ∈Λ where Λ is a connected open set in Rk. For a.e. the map x 7→ u(x, λ) is continuous from Sn into Sn and therefore its (Brouwer) degree is well defined. We prove that this degree is independent of λ a.e. in Λ. This result is extended to a more general setting, as well to fractional Sobolev spaces W s,p with sp(More)
Occupational doses are evaluated in different stages of the fuel cycle and in the operation of nuclear power plants. Trends in individual dose distribution and collective doses are analyzed. The most contributive working conditions to collective dose are identified and the implications of dose limit reduction recommended by the ICRP in 1990 are assessed. It(More)
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