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The properties of a rat liver enzyme that hydrolyzes organophosphorus (OP) inhibitors of cholinesterases were studied. The rates of hydrolysis of OP inhibitors were determined by continuous titration of released hydrogen ions, using a pH stat method. Centrifugation of homogenates at 205,000 g for 30 min demonstrated that the activity was in the soluble(More)
Information is often presented in graphical form. Unfortunately, current assistive technologies such as screen readers are not well-equipped to handle these representations. To provide accessibility to graphs published in ``The Daily" (Statistics Canada's main dissemination venue), we have developed iGraph-Lite, a system that provides short verbal(More)
This study compared the effects on tooth surface of three power-driven instruments commonly used to remove overhanging amalgam. Comparisons of methods of instrumentation were made on enamel, cementum, and amalgam. Cavitron, Roto Pro, and EVA system instruments were used. Findings showed significantly more abrasion on all surfaces in EVA groups compared with(More)
Many dentists routinely make radiographs of edentulous patients who request replacement dentures. In the American Dental Associations' Guide to Dental Health, the public is informed that "an x-ray examination is performed only when necessary, not as a routine procedure, and only when the dentist believes such an examination will benefit your health." In(More)
Eleven postmenopausal complete denture patients participated in a study to evaluate some possible predictors of osteoporosis. Most participants in the study reported a low caloric intake and consumed considerably less than the recommended daily allowances of sodium, cholesterol, calcium, fluoride, magnesium, zinc, and folic acid. Many participants in the(More)
Designing graphs and charts visually by means of graphing applications such as OpenOffice or MS Excel is extremely efficient and cost-effective. However, one of the drawbacks of such approach is that graphs are sometimes involuntarily made less accessible by, for instance, using a text box as title. In this paper we evaluate a corpus of 120(More)
Numerical information is often presented in graphs to take advantage of the human ability to quickly find visual patterns. Unfortunately, this medium is problematic for people who are blind or otherwise visually-impaired. To provide accessibility to graphs published in The Daily (Statistics Canada's main dissemination venue), we have developed iGraph, a(More)
An enzymatic activity that specifically hydrolyzes the highly toxic organophosphorus anticholinesterase compound soman (pinacolyl methylphosphonofluoridate) has been identified and partially characterized in the clonal neuronal neuroblastoma-glioma hybrid NG108-15 cell line. Using the whole cell homogenate as the enzyme source and 1 mM substrate, the(More)