Louis Azevedo

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ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters are membrane proteins responsible for cellular detoxification processes in plants and animals. Recent evidence shows that this class of transporters may also be involved in many other cellular processes. Because of their homology with human multidrug resistance-associated proteins (MRP), cystic fibrosis transmembrane(More)
The enormous metabolic plasticity of plants allows detoxification of many harmful compounds that are generated during biosynthetic processes or are present as biotic or abiotic toxins in their environment. Derivatives of toxic compounds such as glutathione conjugates are moved into the central vacuole via ATP-binding cassette (ABC)-type transporters of the(More)
A sample rotator which operates in applied magnetic fields is described. The design eliminates mechanical linkages by magnetically orienting a gimbal ring. Three mutually orthogonal coils mounted on the gimbal provide a magnetic moment which is aligned along the field direction. The rotator is useful from room temperature down to the liquid helium range.(More)
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