Louis Anthony Cox

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A common wisdom in speech re-synthesis is that while the vocal tract excitation can be modified to represent the message prosody, the accurate preservation of the formants is needed in order to ensure that both the linguistic message and the speaker-dependent information is well represented in the synthesized speech. Formants are speaker-dependent. A(More)
Traditional probabilistic risk assessment (PRA), of the type originally developed for engineered systems, is still proposed for terrorism risk analysis. We show that such PRA applications are unjustified in general. The capacity of terrorists to seek and use information and to actively research different attack options before deciding what to do raises(More)
An expert classification system having statistical information about the prior probabilities of the different classes should be able to use this knowledge to reduce the amount of additional information that it must collect, e.g., through questions, in order to make a correct classification. This paper examines how best to use such prior information and(More)