Louis A. Kokoris

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All known examples of simple flexible power-associative algebras of degree two are either commutative or noncommutative Jordan. In this paper we construct an algebra which is partially stable but not commutative and not a noncommutative Jordan algebra. We then investigate the multiplicative structure of those algebras which are partially stable over an(More)
A commutative power-associative algebra A of characteristic >5 with an idempotent u may be written1 as the supplementary sum ^=^4„(l)+4u(l/2)+^4u(0) where 4U(X) is the set of all xx in A with the property xx« =Xxx. The subspaces Au(l) and .4K(0) are orthogonal subalgebras, [AU(1/2)]2QAU(1)+AU(0) andAu(K)Au(l/2) C4„(l/2)+^4u(l—X) forX=0, 1. The algebra A is(More)
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