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Recent research topics in healthcare including intelligent decision support services, expert medical services and autonomous management are based on multi-agent systems. The cooperation of these software agents provides efficient monitoring, analyzing, and managing the data of patient where abnormal patterns are detected to have an advance treatment and(More)
A hybrid middleware for RFID-based parking management system is presented in this paper. The publish-subscribe approach is combined with group communication in overlay networks in the design of event monitors and application service connectors to comprise the core of a hybrid middleware. In this paper, group communication relevant to P2P networks is the(More)
요 약 Intelligent and adaptive services for mobile users are researchable topics nowadays to be able to provide the mobile user an immediate knowledge of the location. This research work presents a framework for collaborative location-based services and uses data mining approach based on neuro-fuzzy system. The proposed framework supports data mining for(More)
The system is specialized for pulmonary physicians focusing on tuberculosis and for patients already diagnosed with tuberculosis. The main focus for the development of the system is on the architecture and algorithm used to find the probable class of tuberculosis a patient may have. The class of tuberculosis is determined by using a rule base populated by(More)
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