Louanne Lawson

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OBJECTIVE This study was designed to test the influence of gender, type of abuse, and other factors on the development of psychopathology in abused children. METHOD Forty-one children who had been abused repeatedly either physically or sexually by a parent or parent figure were given the revised Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents. RESULTS(More)
  • L Lawson
  • 1998
TOPIC Traumatized youngsters are disproportionately represented in out-of-home treatment facilities. Conceptual models that guide treatment of traumatized youngsters are not well integrated with models that guide milieu management. PURPOSE To describe a milieu management approach for treatment of traumatized youngsters. SOURCES Clinical experience with(More)
Interventions for child sexual abusers should take into account their perspectives on the context of their offenses, but no descriptions of everyday life from the offender's point of view have been published. This study therefore explored female offenders' views of their strengths and challenges. Documented risk assessments of 20 female offenders were(More)
Child sexual abusers' descriptions of their thoughts, behaviors, and relationships were identified by reviewing qualitative research studies published between 1982 and 2001. Offenders used cognitive distortions to meet personal needs, protect themselves from aversive self-awareness, and overcome internal inhibitions against engaging children in sexual(More)
  • L Lawson
  • 2003
This grounded theory study was designed to generate a mid-range theory of treatment from the perspective of boys who have molested children and undergone outpatient treatment. Data included information from seven boys' charts, their written responses to open-ended questions, and audio-taped interviews. The interviews generated a series of statements(More)
  • L Lawson
  • 2000
The impact of sexual offenses and abuse is incalculable, both on the victims themselves and the society responsible for protecting them. Identifying people who sexually offend against adults and children and preventing them from engaging in abusive behavior in the future requires valid and reliable methods that accurately identify the perpetrators'(More)
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