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We reviewed the surgical experience of 61 patients with Crohn's disease who have received surgical treatment over a 32-year period. Sex, age at onset of symptoms, associated systemic abnormalities, presenting symptoms, indication for previous surgery, and site of disease were not significant predictors of postoperative recurrence. Certain extensive(More)
Sixty-two residents entered the general surgical residency over a 10-year period, and 42 completed it. When the 20 who were dismissed from the program were compared by discriminant analysis to those who completed it successfully, it was found that Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) membership, high class rank, clinical honors, and publications predicted success with(More)
In the majority of patients in this series of 1,000, acute abdominal pain was due to conditions that required neither surgical intervention nor hospitalization. Eleven of the 1,000 patients had an early missed diagnosis in the emergency clinic for which a subsequent operation was needed, and twenty underwent an operation which subsequent diagnosis showed(More)
Ten per cent of patients with acute pancreatitis will develop pancreatic complications. Differentiating pancreatic pseudocyst formation from pancreatic necrosis may be difficult based on clinical grounds. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the role of computerized tomography in differentiating these processes. A retrospective analysis was performed(More)
Since 1961, there have been a total of seven patients with small bowel perforation caused by metastatic lung carcinoma reported in the literature. Perforation of the small bowel to metastatic lung carcinoma must be considered when evaluating older patients who have histories of heavy cigarette smoking and signs and symptoms suggestive of pulmonary(More)