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Fieldbus has become one of the most active fields in industrial data bus area. However, fieldbus standards are not uniform at present, which brings many difficulties to different industrial control equipments from different manufacturers to connect their devices to others. CAN bus and Modbus bus are two kinds of more popular buses in industrial control(More)
In order to solve the interconnection communication problem between different fieldbus, a method of ARM-based fieldbus protocol conversion is discussed and a solution is designed. In this paper, a design scheme for many to many protocol conversion gateway based on standard gateway packet is adopted. The multi-protocol conversion gateway model and the(More)
Natural language processing is one of the most important applications in artificial intelligence (AI), while semantic disambiguation is one of branches and difficulties in natural language processing. This paper introduces three semantic disambiguation models, Bayesian Model, Hidden Markov Model, and Maximum Entropy Model. These three models are used to(More)
In this paper, a format conversion method for CT images is introduced and the way of transform from DICOM to BMP pattern is presented. Meanwhile, the processing technique of CT image is introduced by which the clearer image can be gotten. Finally, the methods of marking designated image area and measuring the length are discussed, which can provide(More)
In this paper structure modes and characters of WebGIS are introduced and the necessity of applying WebGIS in the central heating monitoring system is discussed. The structure design methods and functions of the central heating monitoring system based on WebGIS are presented. Heating network devices management, monitoring dispatching management and(More)
The intelligent serial temperature control system is introduced in this paper, where the fuzzy controller is used in main control loop and the fuzzy neural network PID controller is adopted in auxiliary loop. The simulation results show that this control method is suitable to improving the precision of temperature control. Based on this, the intelligent(More)
In this paper, a practical digital watermarking system is introduced. The embedding and extraction algorithms of the binary digital watermarking and their realization are described. Some experiment results against attack are given. At last, a practical digital watermarking system based on the spatial domain transform and BP neural network is designed and(More)
A direct temperature measurement is the most direct and reliable method to forecast the state of spontaneous combustion of coal. However, due to constraints of the temperature sensor coverage, the number and arrangement of site, the direct measurement method is not a feasible method. Therefore, the degree of spontaneous combustion associated with the(More)
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