Lou G Boykins

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The roles of IgG and secretory IgA in the protection of the respiratory tract (RT) against influenza infection remain unclear. Passive immunization with Ab doses resulting in serum IgG anti-influenza virus Ab titers far in excess of those observed in immune mice has compounded the problem. We compared the effects of i.v. anti-influenza virus IgG and i.v.(More)
In this freeze-fracture study of synaptic terminals of chick photoreceptors, three regions of synaptic terminal plasmalemma can be distinguished on the basis of intramembrane characteristics. The first region is the synaptic vesicle fusion region in which rows of P-face depressions and E-face mounds are observed. In the absence of exocytotic figures this(More)
In an attempt to create a model for sustained corneal edema in humans, the present study has examined wounded cat corneal endothelium. Small central (7 mm) wounds or large 90 percent debridement wounds were created with an olive tipped cannula and corneas sampled from 1 to 75 days post-wounding were processed for light and transmission electron microscopy(More)
In order to study differences in cell-surface sugars which may be involved in the phagocytic defect in Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) retinas, we have examined the presence or absence of lectin binding to carbohydrates on retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) plasma membranes of dystrophic (RCS-p+) and normal (Long-Evans) rats. A lectin which binds to both(More)
Lectin cytochemistry and freeze-fracture intramembrane morphology have been studied in adult rat retinas during various stages of the phagocytic cycle. Animals were perfused with aldehydes at various times during the first 6 hours of light and the retinas were removed. Chopped sections of tissue were stained with one of two lectin-peroxidase conjugates:(More)
Synaptogenesis in the superficial layers of the rostral pole of the chick optic tectum has been studied using freeze-fracture techniques. The developmental sequence of intramembrane organization at synaptic junctions involves the accumulation and assembly of intramembrane particles into aggregates characteristic of the mature junctions. By embryonic day(More)
Phagocytosis in the rat retina is a process which involves uptake of shed photoreceptor outer segments by the overlying retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). In rats with inherited retinal degeneration, there is a defect in phagocytosis. One aspect of this phagocytic defect may be an alteration in glycoconjugate-containing membrane components on RPE membranes(More)
A progressive failure in phagocytosis by the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) occurs in the Royal College of Surgeons rat with inherited retinal degeneration. Another change that can be attributed to a defect in the RPE is a breakdown in the blood-retinal barrier. RPE cell junctions, which form a part of this barrier, become permeable to extracellular(More)
Microdiathermy has recently been shown to be effective in the treatment of persistent corneal epithelial recurrent erosion. In order to determine the mechanism of action of microdiathermy on the anterior surface of the cornea, rabbit eyes were treated with microdiathermy and the course of corneal tissue repair studied by electron microscopy. Shortly after(More)