Lou F Gramling

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Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is associated with behavioral and cognitive deficits. However, the majority of children born to alcohol-abusing women do not meet the formal criteria for FAS and it is not known if the cognitive abilities of these children differ from those of children with FAS. Using a set of neuropsychological tests, 3 groups were compared:(More)
The stigma experienced by women with HIV/AIDS is much like that of Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter. At the time of diagnosis with HIV/AIDS, women already are aware of the stigma associated with the disease. They immediately see themselves differently and believe others do also. The purpose of this article is to explore the multidimensional effect of(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess general intellectual functioning in children with histories of heavy prenatal alcohol exposure, with or without the facial features and growth deficiencies characteristic of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). DESIGN Forty-seven alcohol-exposed children were recruited on evaluation at a dysmorphology clinic and evaluated as part of a(More)
This research explicated developmental constructs in women at the Age 30 and Age 50 Transitions. Fifty-five women participated in field study conducted over 16 years. Data collection strategies included interviews, focus groups, a life history technique, participant observation, and electronic participation. Individual and cohort effects were observed using(More)
Caregiver Interventions via Telecommunications (CIT) is designed for family caregivers of elders with dementia. Building on Riegel's dialectical theory of human development, the authors argue that psychotherapeutic interventions, made highly accessible by telecommunication technology, assist caregivers to achieve positive developmental outcomes. Specific(More)
Although many studies from burn nurses are present in the literature, very little information is found that indicates a theory-based approach to care. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the deficiency of nursing theory in the specialty of burn nursing and to suggest Orem's Self-Care Model as a valid basis for delivering care and increasing the(More)
BACKGROUND Family-centered maternity care is an approach based on mutually beneficial partnerships between health care providers and families. It offers new ways of thinking about the relationship among childbearing women, their families, and health caregivers. This study was designed to identify health care practices that promoted or limited a(More)
Although there is increasing interest in women's health, there remains little empirical evidence concerning concepts related to health and women's life trajectory. Our purpose in conducting this research was to examine women's developmental stressors and coping during young adulthood. Lazarus and Folkman's coping model provided sensitizing concepts for data(More)
BACKGROUND Life histories are data collection strategies that detail an individual's life Lifelines are a visual depiction of a life history, displaying events in chronological order and noting the importance, or meaning, of events. APPROACH A sample lifeline from a study of young women's developmental transitions used to demonstrate the application of(More)
Disclosure or nondisclosure of self-as-lesbian to family is a difficult task. Eleven lesbians aged 25-47 years old described their experiences of disclosure or nondisclosure to family. The primary source of data collection was focus groups. Family disclosure was preceded by recognition of self-as-lesbian. Five story patterns of lesbians and their families(More)