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The immunocompetence handicap hypothesis proposes that the expression of secondary sexual characteristics is positively related to testosterone levels, but that elevated testosterone levels also impose costs from immune suppression. Hence, testosterone-dependent characteristics should accurately reflect male quality because only high-quality males are able(More)
We present a new genetic algorithm for playing the game of Mastermind. The algorithm requires low running times and results in a low expected number of guesses. Its performance is comparable to that of other meta-heuristics for the standard setting with four positions and six colors, while it outperforms the existing algorithms when more colors and(More)
The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of active immunization against 2 GnRH isoforms on gonadotropin secretion and testicular function in pigs. Synthetic chicken (c) GnRH-II and lamprey (l) GnRH-III peptides, with the common pGlu-His-Trp-Ser sequence at the N-terminal omitted, were conjugated to BSA. Forty-eight male piglets were(More)
This paper presents a model for a dock assignment problem, where trailers need to be assigned to gates for a given period of time for loading or unloading activities. The parking lot is used as a buffer zone. Transportation between the parking lot and the gates is performed by additional resources called terminal tractors. The problem is modeled as a(More)
We study a distribution warehouse in which trailers need to be assigned to docks for loading or unloading. A parking lot is used as a buffer zone and transportation between the parking lot and the docks is performed by auxiliary resources called terminal tractors. Each incoming trailer has a known arrival time and each outgoing trailer a desired departure(More)
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