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To better understand the factors that support or inhibit internally focused change, we conducted an inductive study of one firm's attempt to improve two of its core business processes. Our data suggest that the critical determinants of success in efforts to learn and improve are the interactions between managers' attributions about the cause of poor(More)
The experience of home-based systems developers is compared with their office-based counterparts in a UK computer firm. The analysis produced two major patterns: the home-based workers find intrinsic value in the job, whereas office-based employees view it more instrumentally and find it interferes with satisfaction on a personal level.
It is hard to pick up a newspaper these days and not read something about workload, work-life balance, or anything else related to the difficulty of " having a life " in today's workplace. As expectations of organizations rise, whether private-sector ones accountable to anxious shareholders, or public-sector ones accountable to citizens, and the downsizing(More)
Advisory Board members met over a period of the last year and a half and together determined the mission of the Network as well as assisted in the drafting and redrafting of this report. Written with the assistance of all the members of the advisory board, with special thanks to T he challenges of integrating work and family life are part of everyday(More)
AIM To describe a pilot project on self-scheduling (self-rostering) for hospital nurses and assess its potential values and difficulties in implementation. BACKGROUND Self-scheduling is one aspect of the effort to make the hospital nursing environment more accommodative of nurses' lives. It is part of the good employment practices that nurses want and(More)
Wonderful to be here – and to speak to an audience of work-family researchers – and in conjunction with the one journal that tries to bring all this material together. Some of you, also, belong to the community of action researchers who collaborate with organizations to change the way they work in order to ease the conflicts between employees' occupational(More)
Management in the 1990s Management in the 1990s is an industry and governmental agency supported research program. Its aim is to develop a better understanding of the managerial issues of the 1990s and how to deal most effectively with them, particularly as these issues revolve around anticipated advances in Information Technology. Assisting the work of the(More)