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Experiencing Art: The Influence of Expertise and Painting Abstraction Level
How does expertise influence the perception of representational and abstract paintings? We asked 20 experts on art history and 20 laypersons to explore and evaluate a series of paintings ranging inExpand
Influence of Turn-Taking in a Two-Person Conversation on the Gaze of a Viewer
In natural conversation, the minimal gaps and overlaps of the turns at talk indicate an accurate regulation of the timings of the turn-taking system. Here we studied how the turn-taking affects theExpand
MEG dual scanning: a procedure to study real-time auditory interaction between two persons
Social interactions fill our everyday life and put strong demands on our brain function. However, the possibilities for studying the brain basis of social interaction are still technically limited,Expand
Towards brain-activity-controlled information retrieval: Decoding image relevance from MEG signals
We hypothesize that brain activity can be used to control future information retrieval systems, as well as for systems utilizing feedback both from brain activity and eye movements. Expand
Word-by-word entrainment of speech rhythm during joint story building
Movements and behavior synchronize during social interaction at many levels, often unintentionally. During smooth conversation, for example, participants adapt to each others' speech rates. Here weExpand
An Internet-Based Real-Time Audiovisual Link for Dual MEG Recordings
We present a setup for simultaneous magnetoencephalographic (MEG) recordings of two subjects that communicate in real time over an audio link between two geographically separated MEG laboratories. Expand
Gaze-Direction-Based MEG Averaging During Audiovisual Speech Perception
To take a step towards real-life-like experimental setups, we simultaneously recorded magnetoencephalographic (MEG) signals and subject's gaze direction during audiovisual speech perception. TheExpand
Activation of Auditory Cortex by Anticipating and Hearing Emotional Sounds: An MEG Study
To study how auditory cortical processing is affected by anticipating and hearing of long emotional sounds, we recorded auditory evoked magnetic fields with a whole-scalp MEG device from 15 healthyExpand
MEG averaging during audiovisual speech perception Year : 2010 Version : Final
All material supplied via Aaltodoc is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, and duplication or sale of all or part of any of the repository collections is not permitted,Expand
An accurate audiovisual MEG-to-MEG link for dual MEG recordings
Traditionally, neuroimaging studies of human social cognition have been restricted to the ”classical” experimental setup, where brain signals were recorded from a single subject. “Two-personExpand