Lotta Dellve

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OBJECTIVES This study investigated the association between the work ability index (WAI) and the single-item question on work ability among women working in human service organizations (HSO) currently on long-term sick leave. It also examined the association between the WAI and the single-item question in relation to sick leave, symptoms, and health.(More)
UNLABELLED The need for trans-professional collaboration when developing healthcare has been stressed by practitioners and researchers. Because physicians have considerable impact on this process, their willingness to become involved is central to this issue. OBJECTIVE This study aims to gain a deeper understanding of how physicians view their engagement(More)
AIM This paper reports a study to assess stress, well-being and supportive resources experienced by mothers and fathers of children with rare disabilities, and how these variables were affected by an intensive family competence intervention. BACKGROUND Despite diagnosis-specific studies, little overall knowledge exists about life-consequences for families(More)
OBJECTIVES This study prospectively assessed the importance of individual conditions and computer use during school or work and leisure time as risk factors for self-reported generally reduced productivity due to musculoskeletal complaints among young adults with musculoskeletal symptoms in the neck or upper extremities. METHODS A cohort of 2914 young(More)
BACKGROUND Prospective associations have been found between high use of information and communication technology (ICT) and reported mental symptoms among young adult university students, but the causal mechanisms are unclear. Our aim was to explore possible explanations for associations between high ICT use and symptoms of depression, sleep disorders, and(More)
The aim of this article is to describe a theoretical framework, i.e., theoretical underpinnings and pedagogical principles, for leadership programs that support managers’ evidence-based knowledge of health-promoting psychosocial work conditions, as well as their capability to apply, adapt, and craft sustainable managerial work practices. First, the(More)
Aim The aim of the present study was to explore and describe what characterizes first- and second-line health care managers' use of time. Background Many Swedish health care managers experience difficulties managing their time. Methods Structured and unstructured observations were used. Ten first- and second-line managers in different health care settings(More)
AIM To gain a deeper understanding of how Swedish head school nurses perceive their leadership in developing school health care. BACKGROUND A well-functioning school health care is important for promoting the health of children and young people. METHOD Constructivist-grounded theory was used to analyse 11 individual interviews with nine head school(More)
AIM To develop a deeper understanding of health-care managers' views on and approaches to the implementation of models for improving care processes. BACKGROUND In health care, there are difficulties in implementing models for improving care processes that have been decided on by upper management. Leadership approaches to this implementation can affect the(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the association between organizational climate and work commitment, and sickness absence in a general population of workers and consecutively selected employed sick-listed. METHODS Questionnaire data used in this cross-sectional study consisted of two cohorts: (1) randomly selected individuals in a general working population(More)