Lothar Stolz

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Introducing the Internet Protocol to the in-car network, we need communication software for fast and robust development of future networked applications. The heterogeneity within the communication network concerning the differences in device capability and application requirements can be targeted by establishing a middleware consisting of several(More)
With the introduction of API's like CUDA, Stream+ or OpenCL, modern Graphics Processing Units (GPU's) can be easily employed for general purpose computing. Plus, their comparatively low price per GFLOP makes them interesting candidates for coprocessors in future embedded Electronic Control Units (ECUs). Yet, as car manufacturers thrive to reduce the(More)
The presented study explores the characteristics of signal processing for software radio on heterogeneous x86/GPU system architectures. Special attention is set on the question whether the use of the GPU as a signal coprocessor helps to reduce the actual load of the x86 host processor. We focus on low-cost platforms with a chipset-integrated GPU next to the(More)
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