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The development of electronic commerce or electronic business systems (EC/EB systems) is subject to different conditions than the development of conventional software systems. Thus, software development processes which were employed for conventional systems until now must be adapted to these new conditions. EC/EB systems typically have a high degree of(More)
In this paper we discuss that software processes for the development of electronic commerce systems are different from software processes for other kinds of information systems. We underpin this assumption by discussing an example software process and software architecture. This example is driven by real-world requirements. It is the development of a portal(More)
— In this article a brief overview about the experiences made during the implementation of IEEE 11073-10415 standard is given. The requirement to realize this standard comes from the German research project WohnSelbst. The main focus of the research project is to improve the compliance of elderly people in case of disease in their own home environment.(More)
Truckage companies need continuous and up-to-date information about their business processes in order to respond quickly to cus-tomers' needs and problems emerging during transport processes. Ther-fore a reliable and user-friendly communication system is required, which improves the relationship between drivers and dispatchers. The project " Mobile(More)