Lothar Gerritzen

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In this note we introduce the concept of a shuffle product ⊔⊔ for planar tree polynomials and give a formula to compute the planar shuffle product S ⊔⊔ T of two finite planar reduced rooted trees S, T. It is shown that ⊔⊔ is dual to the co-addition ∆ which leads to a formula for the coefficients of ∆(f). It is also proved that ∆(EXP ) = EXP ⊗̂EXP where EXP(More)
Acknowledgments First of all it is a pleasure to thank my supervisor Hans Ulrich Simon for the great support and the nice atmosphere in his research group. He has been a reliable source of encouragement and adv ice through all my years at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Thanks also to all the nice people I met at the " Lehrstuhl für Mathematik und Informatik "(More)
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