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Forty-one accessions of the genusBeta representing wild and cultivated species of all sections were analyzed by DNA "fingerprinting". Four sugar beet minisatellite DNA probes revealed characteristic banding patterns with Southern-hybridizedBeta DNA restricted withHindIII. A total of 111 polymorphic RFLP bands were scored across all accessions. Cluster(More)
The taxonomic histories of the genus Beta and of section Beta within this genus are summarised. The subdivision of the genus agrees largely with (im)possibilities to produce hybrids. Classification within section Beta has been very variable, with examples of overclassification and severe lumping of taxa. The present study includes a morphometric analysis of(More)
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Microsatellite primers were developed to promote studies on the patterns of genetic diversity within Patellifolia patellaris (Chenopodiaceae) and the relationship between the three species of the genus Patellifolia. METHODS AND RESULTS The genomic sequence from P. procumbens was screened for simple sequence repeats (SSRs), and 3648(More)
Rapid identification of agronomically important genes is of pivotal interest for crop breeding. One source of such genes are crop wild relative (CWR) populations. Here we used a CWR population of <200 wild beets (B. vulgaris ssp. maritima), sampled in their natural habitat, to identify the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris) resistance gene Rz2 with a(More)
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