Lothar Duschka

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PURPOSE It has been shown that for hemorrhoidal surgery both LigaSure and stapler cause less pain than diathermy or scissor dissection. This study has attempted to establish which of the less painful alternatives proves best in an unselected series of patients with hemorrhoidal disease. METHODS Fifty patients were randomized to undergo stapling(More)
BACKGROUND At present there are various more or less invasive surgical and laparoscopic ways to place a catheter suitable for peritoneal dialysis (PD); however, once the catheter is in place, there is no possibility to inspect the peritoneal cavity without de novo laparotomy or laparoscopy. PATIENTS AND METHODS To establish a minimally invasive technique(More)
In outlet constipation an exact diagnostic evaluation is always necessary because of the different etiologies, multiple combinations in primary and secondary lesions and the number of therapeutic alternatives. Basic diagnostics start with the very important, structured evaluation of the patient's history, colorectal examination including inspection,(More)
Mit dem LigaSure® steht ein bipolares, computergesteuertes Diathermiesystem zur Verfügung, welches sich zur zeitsparenden, blut- und schmerzarmen Hämorrhoidektomie hervorragend eignet. Die BiClamp® arbeitet nach dem gleichen Wirkprinzip, ist aber im Gegensatz zum LigaSure®-System mehrfach verwendbar und damit kostensparend. Die vorliegende Studie prüft die(More)
Rehn-Delorme's procedure was introduced as one of a couple of methods to remove rectal prolapse with insufficiency of the pelvic floor. Rehn-Delorme's procedure wasn't well accepted until the last twenty years, when some authors reported good results with low recurrence rate of the prolapse, especially for old people with high risk or otherwise unfit for(More)
Ist bei Patienten mit morphologisch intaktem, aber klinisch und manometrisch nachweisbarem Funktionsdefizit des analen Sphinkters immer eine neurogene Schädigung als Ursache nachweisbar? Teilauswertung aus einer prospektiv erstellten Datenbank mit den prä-, peri- und postoperativen Daten von 164 konsekutiven Patienten (w = 141, m = 23; medianes Alter 59(More)
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