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Although the concept of Batch Markovian Arrival Processes (BMAPs) has gained widespread use in stochastic modelling of communication systems and other application areas, there are few statistical methods of parameter estimation proposed yet. However, in order to practically use BMAPs for modelling, statistical model fitting from empirical time series is an(More)
In the present thesis, a theoretical framework for the analysis of spatial queues is developed. Spatial queues are a generalization of the classical concept of queues as they provide the possibility of assigning properties to the users. These properties may influence the queueing process, but may also be of interest for themselves. As a field of(More)
SUMMARY In teletraffic engineering, the effective design of wireless networks providing voice and data services at hot spots is of great practical importance. This paper presents a model of such networks in terms of a BMAP/ PH/N retrial queue. Due to the batch occurrence and high correlation of the traffic, it is decisive to choose the correct Batch(More)
Tandem queues are good mathematical models of communication systems and networks, so their investigation is important for theory and applications. In this paper, exact analytical analysis of the tandem queue of the BMAP/G/1 → ·/PH/1/M type with customers loss in case when the intermediate buffer is full and with possible feedback is implemented. Possible(More)