Lotfollah Karimzadeh

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Hyperaccumulators are grown in contaminated soil and water in order that contaminants are taken up and accumulated. Transport of metals from soil to plant is initially dependent on the solubility and mobility of metals in soil solution which is controlled by soil and metal properties and plant physiology. Complexation with organic and inorganic ligands may(More)
High carbonate content of the European Kupferschiefer ore deposits is a challenge for acid copper leaching (pH ≤ 2). Therefore investigating the mobility behavior of Cu(II) under conditions related to an alternative, neutrophil biohydrometallurgical Cu(II) leaching approach is of interest. As glutamic acid (Glu) might be present as a component in the growth(More)
Acid Cu leaching from the European Kupferschiefer ore deposits is a challenge e.g. due to its high carbonate content. In this study, we investigated the transport behaviour of Cu under conditions related to a biohydrometallurgical leaching approach using neutrophil microorganisms in neutral to slightly alkaline solutions. We studied the effect of the(More)
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