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An empirical study of the role of IT flexibility and IT capability in IT-business strategic alignment
The findings revealed that strategic alignment was significantly affected by four dimensions of IT flexibility and IT capability, which seems likely that firms will benefit from the results to manage and control their scarce IT resources more effectively for aligning IT with business strategies, goals and needs. Expand
This research proposes a relationship between IT flexibility, modularity, connectivity and compatibility, IT capability, and strategic alignment, and found that IT flexibility is one of the most vital factors that help sustain strategic alignment. Expand
The Impact of IT Flexibility on Strategic Alignment (with Focus on Export)
Strategic alignment or the fit between information technology (IT) and business strategy remains a key topic of concern among managers worldwide. Change has always being considered the foremostExpand
A Comparative Analysis of Open Source Software Reliability
Comparisons of fitting and prediction capabilities of three reliability models using the failure data of five popular open source software products show that a reliability model that fits the failureData well may not necessarily be a decent forecaster of future failure patterns. Expand
Assessing the Impact of IT Connectivity and IT Capability on IT-Business Strategic Alignment: An Empirical Study
It is indicated IT connectivity and IT capability have a significant positive effect on strategic alignment and IT connectivity has also a positive impact on IT capability. Expand
Fault Tolerant Weighted Voting Algorithms
This study introduces a family of inexact agreement algorithms taking into account both the confidence level placed on each node and the presence of malicious behavior, and expresses are developed for the convergence rate and fault tolerance of these algorithms. Expand
Exploratory Factor Analysis of Graphical Features for Link Prediction in Social Networks
This paper attempts to validate the underlying structure of topological features used in feature-based link prediction in social networks, and indicates that current literatures’ classification of feature groups should be redefined. Expand
Title : Fault Tolerant Weighted Voting Algorithms
Agreement algorithms can be categorized in different ways. One categorization of such algorithms is based on whether the final decisions are exact or inexact. In inexact algorithms, also known asExpand