Lotfi Karoui

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We propose a dynamic programming (DP) approach for pricing options embedded in bonds, the focus being on call and put options with advance notice. An efficient procedure is developed for the cases where the interest-rate process follows the Vasicek, Cox–Ingersoll– Ross (CIR), or generalized Vasicek models. Our DP methodology uses the exact joint(More)
Using an extensive cross-section of US corporate CDS this paper offers an economic understanding of implied loss given default (LGD) and jumps in default risk. We formulate and underpin empirical stylized facts about CDS spreads, which are then reproduced in our affine intensity-based jump-diffusion model. Implied LGD is well identified, with obligors(More)
The extended Kalman filter, which linearizes the relationship between security prices and state variables, is widely used in fixed income applications. We investigate if the unscented Kalman filter should be used to capture nonlinearities, and compare the performance of the Kalman filter to that of the particle filter. We analyze the cross section of swap(More)
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