Lotfi Chérif

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UNLABELLED Acute renal failure (ARF) in patients with diabetes mellitus is frequent. It is caused by several factors notably drugs. Our retrospective study includes 20 cases of ARF induced by drugs in diabetic patients. Eleven men and 9 women with mean age of 55.2 years (17-71 years) were enrolled in the study. Type 2 diabetes mellitus was found in 18 cases(More)
Vasculitis with central diabetes insipidus is a rare condition which must be recognized for an appropriate management. We report a case of Behçet disease with central diabetes insipidus. A forty seven year old men presented recurring oral and genital ulcers, skin lesions, polyarthralgia. Two years later, he showed right uveitis and central diabetes(More)
Post-transplant diabetes mellitus (PTDM) is a frequent complication of renal transplantation. It has a prevalence rate ranging from 3 to 46%. We undertook a retrospective study of 175 nondiabetic renal transplant recipients to determine the prevalence rate, clinical characteristics, and risk factors of PTDM in kidney transplant recipients in our region.(More)
OBJECTIVE To try to select the best treatment among synthetic anti-thyroid agents, surgery and radioiodine in the case of Graves' disease. METHOD We present a retrospective study of therapeutic and progressive aspects of 300 cases of Graves' disease. RESULTS At the time of the diagnosis, the patients' mean age was of 38.17 years. Female sex predominated(More)
Ectopic thyroid is a rare condition (1/4000 to 1/8000 among patients with hypothyroidism). The underlying etiological pathogenic mechanisms remain unknown. Diagnosis is established on the basis of imaging findings. We report two cases of hypothyroidism in adult females who had ectopic sublingual thyroid glands. The first patient was a 20-Year-old woman who(More)
Primary aldosteronism (PA) is defined as an autonomous over-production of aldosterone by the zona glomerulosa of the adrenal glands. It is classically considered as a rare cause of hypertension. Aldosterone producing adenoma (APA) and idiopatic hyperoldosteronism (IHA) represent the most frequent subtypes of PA. The authors report 18 cases of PA (14 women(More)
Slippage of the upper femoral epiphysis can occur in association with multiple endocrine imbalances. A case of slipped femoral epiphysis with primary hyperparathyroidism is reported. The patient was an adolescent, 16 Years of age, who presented bilateral slipped epiphysis. Investigation showed that he had hypercalcemia (3.1 mmol/l) related to primary(More)
Diabetic fibrous mastoplasty or diabetic fibrous breast disease is a benign condition rarely observed. First described in 1984, it can lead to misdiagnosis because it simulates breast cancer. Diabetic fibrous mastoplasty usually occurs in patients with autoimmune disorders, particularly in patients with longstanding and complicated insulin-dependent(More)
The emphysematous pyelonephritis is a rare and severe renal infection characterized by the presence of gas in renal parenchyma and its perirenal spaces. We report two cases of emphysematous pyelonephritis in two diabetic women (53 and 50 years old respectively). In the first case, the treatment was based on nephrectomy because of the presence of a septic(More)
We discuss the causes of virilism in pregnancy and the impact of hyperandrogeny on the female foetus. We report a case of virilism in a 28-year-old, gravida 1, para 1 patient with normal pregnancy and review the literature. After conception, the patient had been well until the 18th week of gestation, when she developed signs of virilization; her serum(More)