Lotfi Ben Romdhane

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This paper extends a neural model for causal reasoning to mechanize the monotonic class. Hence, the resulting model is able to solve multiple, varied causal problems in the open, independent, incompatibility and monotonic classes. First, additivity between causes is formalized as a fuzzy AND-ing process. Second, an activation mechanism called the "softmin"(More)
A community within a network is a group of vertices densely connected to each other but less connected to the vertices outside. The problem of detecting communities in directed networks plays a key role in a wide range of research areas, e.g. Computer Science, Biology and Sociology. Most of the existing algorithms to find communities count on the(More)
Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is becoming one of the most vivid research area in computer vision. It is widely used in medical applications especially in computer aided diagnostic systems (CAD). CBIR systems in digital mammography take an important part of these works. The work presented in this paper aims to propose a CBIR approach based on inexact(More)
Social networks can be modeled by graphs whose vertices represent the actors of the social phenomenon and the edges represent the interactions between them. An important element in the automatic analysis of social networks is the discovery of “communities”. A community is simply a group of people strongly connected. The detection of(More)
Detecting influential nodes in social networks represents an essential issue for various applications to identify users that may maximize the influence of information in such networks. Several methods have been proposed to solve this problem often khown as influence maximization problem. However, most of them focused on the structure of the network and(More)
Over the last decades, there has been a growing interest to Service Oriented Computing (SOC) especially in a mobile environement. Web Services are the most common form of services for implementing SOC. Service Composition is to create a new business process by composing several services in order to fulfill business goals that individual services cannot(More)
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