Lotfi Baghli

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This paper introduces a new fault-tolerant operation method for a symmetrical six-phase induction machine (6PIM) when one or several phases are lost. A general decoupled model of the induction machine with up to three open phases is given. This model illustrates the existence of a pulsating torque when phases are opened. Then, a new control method reducing(More)
This paper presents a new space vector pulsewidth modulation (SVPWM) technique for the control of a six-phase voltage source inverter (VSI)-fed dual stator induction machines (DSIM). A DSIM is an induction machine which has two sets of three-phase stator windings spatially shifted by 30 electrical degrees and fed by two three-phase VSIs. Despite their(More)
Most of rotor related faults in three-phase induction motors are due to broken rotor bars and end-ring defects. Nowadays, inductions motors are more frequently used with inverters which make the diagnosis process more complicated. The approach used in this paper, for the detection of a broken rotor bar in induction motor powered by a voltage fed inverter,(More)
The paper deals with modeling of synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) accounting for all phenomena responsible for torque ripple. Based on winding function approach, the proposed model consists in computing self and mutual inductances considering no sinusoidal distribution of stator windings, slotting effect and no sinusoidal reluctance variation caused by(More)
The paper is about the first part of a PNR (National Research Program). The study is divided into numerous parts. The first one concerns the collect of operating points of a conventional (engine) vehicle to know the energy consumption and instantaneous power needed on a driving path, in a suburban and urban everyday use of the vehicle. This paper presents(More)
The paper is about the development of a data acquisition system embedded within a vehicles equipped with OBD H interface. The system is coupled to a GPS allowing tracking both engine data and vehicle speed and position along a driving path. Several track records are achieved, among them, a urban and a suburban driving path are presented. Their data are(More)
This paper present a combined field orientation and backstepping control. This method is an elegant approach for nonlinear super twisting sliding-mode control of an induction motor. The objective is to improve the speed control, the rotor flux control and the rejection of load torque disturbances and parameter variations. Simulation results are given to(More)
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