Loshini Naidoo

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The self-actualization scores of 57 youths who attended a summer day camp for gifted students were assessed using the Reflections Of Self by Youth (ROSY). Significant sex differences were confirmed. Contrary to Lewis's significant difference (1996) in mean self-actualization between Grades 7 and 8, self-actualization scores in this study were uncorrelated(More)
  • M A Cho, L Naidoo, R Mathieu, G P Asner
  • 2011
The advent of hyperspectral remote sensing has provided new opportunities for species mapping. However, the high dimensionality of hyperspectral data limits the application of parametric classifiers for species mapping because of the demand for a large number of training samples. This situation could change with the arrival of new spaceborne multispectral(More)
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