Lorrin Garson

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The CORE (Chemical Online Retrieval Experiment) project is a library of primary journal articles in chemistry. Any library has an inside and an outside; in this article we describe the inside of the library and the methods for building the system and accumulating the database. A later article will describe the outside (user experiences). Among(More)
The CORE project is an electronic library of primary journal articles in chemistry, containing about five years of twenty primary journals published by the American Chemical Society (about 425,000 pages). Unlike many digital library projects, CORE includes both a scanned image and a marked-up ASCII version (represented in Standard Generalized Markup(More)
The availability of scientific information in electronic form is the convergence of traditional journal publishing, electronic communications, and the widespread availability of computer technology. This revolution in scientific communication has its roots in developments that started in the mid-19th century and culminated with the extraordinary progress in(More)