Lorretto Cunningham

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The Morris water maze and the object displacement task are two popular tools used to investigate spatial learning and memory. Research has focused mainly on the acquisition of spatial tasks while little attention has been given to the retention phase. We examined the effects of different training procedures on retention of the water maze and also reactivity(More)
Immunoperoxidase staining for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) was performed on 192 colorectal carcinomas to determine: whether tissue staining can be substituted for preoperative serum CEA levels, and whether patient survival can be predicted by these parameters. The overall incidence of positive tissue staining was 75 percent, which was similar to the(More)
The object displacement task is a popular tool used to investigate spatial learning and memory. However, little attention has previously been given to long-term retention of spatial information following habituation to this task. Furthermore, the role of both proximal and distal cues in this type of passive retention of spatial information is controversial.(More)
Research has focused mainly on the acquisition phase of spatial tasks, while retention has been relatively ignored. In three experiments, we determine the type of information that is retained in spatial memory using the water maze task. In experiment 1, we demonstrate that by rotating the distal cues 180 degrees post-acquisition Wistar rats search in the(More)
The second study undertaken to test the feasibility of wide-scale controlled trial of Hemoccult® as a useful means of early detection of colorectal cancer is described. Of eight physicians recruited for this study, five completed it; 260 patients were enrolled, and randomized to obtain 152 in the study group and 108 in the control group. Of patients in the(More)
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