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Since 1970, Lave and Seskin have published a series of articles dealing with the question, "Does air pollution shorten lives?" Their recent book reports revised and extended analyses of their previous studies emphasizing policy implications. We have undertaken a review of Lave and Seskin's book to evaluate the methodology used and hence gain some insight(More)
Steadily rising energy costs have increased the need for reliable information on the health effects of atmospheric sulfur oxides and particulate matter. Because ethical and practical considerations limit studies of this question under controlled conditions, observational studies provide an important part of the relevant information. This paper examines the(More)
INTRODUCTION The emergency medicine clerkship director serves an important role in the education of medical students. The authors sought to update the demographic and academic profile of the emergency medicine clerkship director. METHODS We developed and implemented a comprehensive questionnaire, and used it to survey all emergency medicine clerkship(More)
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