Lorraine Staehr

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The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a major innovation in the Field of Information Systems and Organization Management. Including their ability to make the organization more integrated and consistent, and absolute control of information. But the implementation of these projects remains a disturbing adventure that may lead to success or deadly failure(More)
ERP systems are large integrated packaged software systems used by thousands of major organizations around the world. Yet outcomes from ERP use can be very different, and there is still not an adequate understanding of how and why organizations have such varying outcomes. Using an interpretive case study approach the post implementation periods in four(More)
The threshold concepts of a discipline are the portals to a deeper understanding of disciplinary knowledge, form the keys to learning progression, and are typically difficult to explain and learn. The notion of information systems (IS) as social systems is proposed as a threshold concept in the IS discipline. From this perspective IS are considered to be(More)