Lorraine M. Purgailis Parker

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The vacuum system of System C has been modified in order to obtain a lower base pressure and to reduce wall outgassing by the plasma. A 400-liter/sec VacIon pump was installed in place of the oil diffusion pump. All of the large O-ring seals were replaced by copper gaskets and Conflat flanges, and the remaining O-rings were replaced by Viton O-rings. A(More)
A. BEAM-PLASMA DISCHARGES 1. THE KITZELTRON From our beam-plasma discharge experiments we have discovered the following important characteristics: (i) Nearly 100 per cent ionization. When we fire a 10-kv, 10-amp electron beam into a hydrogen atmosphere 2 X 10-5 torr (-6 X 1011 mol/cc) a plasma density of approximately 1013/cc is created. This indicates that(More)
The plasma density of the electron-cyclotron resonance discharge (ECRD) has been measured with an 8-mm Fabry-Perot microwave interferometer. The ECRD experiment has been described in Quarterly Progress Report No. 73 (pages 81-85) and Quarterly Progress Report No. 75 (pages 120-121). The discharge is driven by a 2. 4-Gc, 1. 2-kw magnetron, powered by an(More)
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