Lorraine M Noble

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A systematic review of the literature examined intervention studies designed to increase patients' participation in medical consultations. Twenty-five papers describing twenty studies met the inclusion criteria. About half of the intervention studies were randomised placebo controlled experimental designs. The studies were predominantly conducted in(More)
OBJECTIVES A change from traditional to problem-based learning (PBL) methods in a psychiatry attachment was evaluated by comparing the learning styles, attitudes to psychiatry and examination performance of 2 cohorts of students. It was hypothesised that the PBL curriculum would result in increased deep learning, decreased surface learning, more favourable(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined determinants of students' attitudes to psychiatry and intentions to pursue psychiatry as a career, considering: (1) experiences during the clinical attachment; (2) type of curriculum (traditional or problem-based), and (3) student characteristics (age and gender). The relationships between attitudes, career intentions and(More)
OBJECTIVE A systematic review was conducted of the literature concerning patients' requests of psychiatric care in order to identify the types of requests patients make, psychiatrists' perceptions of their patients' requests, and the relationship between requests and the outcome of care. METHOD A total of 28 published original articles which fulfilled(More)
The article reviews literature concerning patients' expectations of psychiatric care. Early research (pre-1980) is outlined, followed by a systematic review of 21 studies fulfilling specific inclusion criteria from 1980 onwards. Overall, patients expected to improve as a result of psychiatric treatment, and had higher expectations of the helpfulness of(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives were, first, to determine whether adherence to malaria prophylaxis could be predicted by (i) health beliefs specified by the Health Belief Model and the Theory of Planned Behaviour, and (ii) communication during the consultation in a travel clinic; and secondly, to examine the impact of the consultation in changing travellers'(More)
BACKGROUND Communication skills teaching is known to be effective, but students feel there are discrepancies between how communication skills are taught and how they are assessed. AIMS This study examined the effect of using standard assessment criteria during communication skills teaching on students' performance in an end-of-year summative OSCE. (More)
OBJECTIVES The effect of introducing professional skills training on students' patient-centred attitudes and perceptions of ability to communicate was examined. The professional skills training included weekly training in communication skills, ethics and law, and clinical skills. METHODS Consecutive cohorts of medical students receiving a traditional(More)
There is currently a shortage of doctors in Britain, especially in general practice, psychiatry and pathology. This study aimed to examine whether career intention, especially in the shortage specialties, changes between undergraduate level and graduation. The 234 participants were Senior House Officers and Pre-Registration House Officers, who had provided(More)
A significant number of travellers sustain travel-related injury or illness, despite receiving pretravel advice. This appears to be due to a combination of inconsistent guidance about risks and recommendations, and partial adherence. This article considers perceptions and attitudes to risk, factors affecting uptake of advice, and features of an effective(More)