Lorraine Ludman

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The psychosocial adjustment of 160 children with anorectal malformations was assessed at 6 to 17 years of age in relation to levels of continence (Kelly score). Five measures of emotional and behavioural adjustment were used to assess a number of domains of child/adolescent functioning and to include measures from multiple perspectives. The psychiatric(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE A small proportion of infants born with oesophageal atresia in which the gap between the 2 ends of the oesophagus is too great for an end-to-end anastomosis will require oesophageal replacement. Since 1981 the author's procedure of choice for oesophageal replacement has been gastric transposition. The long-term functional outcome appears(More)
As part of a study concerning the psychosocial adjustment of 160 children treated for anorectal anomalies, the authors investigated the ways in which the children coped with faecal incontinence (FIC). At the time of assessment, the children were 6 to 18 years of age. Portions of the in-depth interviews with the children and their parents covered questions(More)
Thirty full-term infants born with surgically correctable life-threatening abnormalities who underwent emergency neonatal surgery were followed up from birth to 3 years of age. Comparable data were obtained on a matched group of healthy newborn babies. At 3 years the cognitive functioning of children whose condition had been resolved in the early months of(More)
The development of 43 infants born at full term, who were admitted to neonatal intensive care units shortly after birth, was compared in a prospective longitudinal study with that of a group of 29 healthy newborn babies. Thirty infants required emergency operations during the neonatal period, and 13 were admitted for medical reasons. The effects of being in(More)
AIMS To compare the long term functional and psychosocial outcomes following surgical treatment for total colonic aganglionosis (TCA) with those in an age and gender matched group of patients with rectosigmoid aganglionosis (RSA). METHODS Fifteen patients with TCA matched for age and gender with 15 patients with RSA were studied 7-17 years after the(More)
A significant proportion of children with anorectal malformations have long term problems with faecal continence. The psychological consequences of this chronic disability was assessed in 160 children and adolescents. The prevalence of clinically significant emotional problems among the sample overall, as assessed by a diagnostic psychiatric interview(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess long-term educational attainment in adolescence of former infants who required major neonatal surgery. METHODS The study is an extension of a prospective longitudinal study begun in 1983 on 30 full-term newborns requiring major neonatal surgery, a matched healthy control group, and full-term infants requiring(More)
The development of 30 full-term infants undergoing surgery soon after birth was compared with a matched group of 29 healthy newborn infants in a prospective longitudinal study. At 1 year of age the infants who underwent surgery were performing within the normal range, but significantly less well than the controls in almost all areas of development. Of the(More)
The emotional and social development of full term infants who required major neonatal surgery were compared prospectively over 3 years with those of a matched group of healthy infants. Ratings of the mother-child relationship and attachment ratings at 12 months indicated that in the short-term there was no evidence of any adverse effects of early(More)