Lorraine Johnstone

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Can psychopathy be identified in pre-adolescent children? This question has both theoretical and practical implications. So far, attempts to answer this question have been made by making downward extensions of symptoms of the disorder as found in adults. We argue that for the construct of psychopathy to be viable as a construct in childhood it is necessary(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine whether individuals instructed to fake intellectual impairment on the WAIS-R employed common faking tactics and to assess the accuracy of detection of faking tactics employed. METHOD Two groups of participants were instructed to fake 'mental handicap' on the WAIS-R. The first group included incarcerated young offenders and the second(More)
The impact of violence on institutions is not hard to discern: staff and patients are physically injured and may become psychologically disturbed, property is destroyed, and regimes and programs are disrupted and thereby impoverished. Furthermore, violent individuals are not only incarcerated for longer but are held in more expensive and more restrictive(More)
The extant research demonstrates that the combination of personality disorder and violence implies severe dysfunction, poor responsivity to treatment, more serious and persistent violence, and higher recidivism rates. Thus, it comes as no surprise that personality disorder is included in many of the available guidelines for assessing and managing violence.(More)
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