Lorraine J. Lacroix

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Love, Sex, and Choices is a 12-episode soap opera video series created as an intervention to reduce HIV sex risk. The effect on women’s HIV risk behavior was evaluated in a randomized controlled trial in 238 high risk, predominately African American young adult women in the urban Northeast. To facilitate on-demand access and privacy, the episodes were(More)
BACKGROUND Love, Sex, and Choices (LSC) is a soap opera video series created to reduce HIV sex risk in women. METHODS LSC was compared to text messages in a randomized trial in 238 high-risk mostly Black young urban women. 117 received 12-weekly LSC videos, 121 received 12-weekly HIV prevention messages on smartphones. Changes in unprotected sex with high(More)
Love, Sex, and Choices (LSC) is a 12-episode soap opera video series developed to reduce HIV risk among at-risk Black urban women. We added a video guide commentator to offer insights at critical dramatic moments. An online pilot study evaluated acceptability of the Guide-Enhanced LSC (GELSC) and feasibility of Facebook advertising, streaming to(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe and evaluate participant recruitment for a research study conducted in primary care offices. METHODS Nine recruiters administered a written survey to 1485 primary care patients (from 25 practices) during baseline and 1-year follow-up of a quality improvement study aimed at increasing colorectal cancer screening. Before recruitment,(More)
Metabolic changes were studied in embryonic axes and cotyledons isolated from after-ripening seeds of Prunus cerasus. During the seventh week of after-ripening, a striking increase in the respiration rate at 25 degrees of embryonic axes occurred along with a sharp change from the dormant to non-dormant state of the seed. On the basis of C-6/C-1 ratio(More)
The effect of irregular in-row spacing on tuber production and yield of Russet Burbank potatoes was tested at 2 locations in 1979 and 1980. At a similar mean spacing, no yield reductions were observed when irregular seedpiece spacings (CV levels 25, 50 and 75%) were compared with evenly spaced seedpieces (CV level of 0%). No significant interaction was(More)
A field survey was conducted in 1979 to determine the accuracy of inrow spacing of five models of potato planters. Irregular seedpiece spacing expressed in terms of coefficient of variation (CV), was observed for all planters tested. The CV levels recorded in the survey ranged from 50.1% to 76.5%. The use of seedpieces of an optimum and uniform mass was(More)
The effect of seed coat removal on the synthesis of alpha-amylase isoenzymes in wheat was investigated. The immature wheat endosperm-aleurone (seed coat and embryo detached) produced considerably less alpha-amylase activity than immature whole or de-embryonated wheat kernels, when incubated under identical conditions of 18.5 C and 99% humidity, in the(More)
Advertising via Facebook to elicit involvement in clinical trials has demonstrated promise in expanding geographic reach while maintaining confidentiality. The purpose of this study is to evaluate Facebook advertising to reach at-risk, predominately African American or Black women in higher HIV prevalence communities for an HIV prevention clinical trial,(More)