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Fast Wave (FW) studies of mode conversion (MC) processes at the ion–ion hybrid layer in toroidal plasmas must capture the disparate scales of the FW and mode converted ion Bernstein (IBW) and ion cyclotron waves (ICW). Correct modeling of the MC layer requires resolving wavelengths on the order of k ⊥ ρi ∼ 1 which leads to a scaling of the maximum poloidal(More)
BACKGROUND Complete chloroplast genome sequences provide a valuable source of molecular markers for studies in molecular ecology and evolution of plants. To obtain complete genome sequences, recent studies have made use of the polymerase chain reaction to amplify overlapping fragments from conserved gene loci. However, this approach is time consuming and(More)
Act syn. Pass syn. Act data Pass data Recently we successfully simulated energetic ion tail production during minority ICRF heating by iterating the bounce-averaged Fokker Planck code CQL3D with the AORSA full-wave solver on a single platform at ORNL, where the iteration is controlled by a Python script [Jaeger, 2006a, 2006b]. The iteration process evolves(More)
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