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Eng. This paper studies the capacity and flow assignment problem artstng in the design of self-healzng ATM networks using virtual path (VP) concept. The problem is formulated here as a linear programming problem which is solved using standard methods. The objective is to minimtze the spare capacity cost for the given restoration requirement. The spare cost(More)
The Agile All Photonic Network (AAPN) is a high speed transparent agile optical transport network. A key issue in these all photonic networks is the distributed scheduling method employed at the edge nodes and the manner of coordination with the core switching state. In this paper we compare several classes of resource sharing methods. Optical Burst(More)
A co-authored paper is included in this thesis. The paper is entitled " Topological design and dimensioning of Agile All Photonic Networks ". The co-authors are In this paper, Professor Lorne Mason presented the new mixed integer linear programming formulation and the network architecture concepts. Anton Vinokurov developed the JAVA based Topological Design(More)
The network design problem with reliability constraints is a problem where, given a finite set of nodes, the objective is a cost-efficient selection of links and link capacities sufficient to satisfy the node-to-node traffic demands in normal and failed conditions. In this paper, we present a general mathematical model for this problem and a revised(More)