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The last five years have brought an explosion of research in the learning analytics field. However, much of what has emerged has been small scale or tool-centric. While these efforts are vitally important to the development of the field, in order to truly transform education, learning analytics must scale and become institutionalized at multiple levels(More)
Two middle-aged-patients each presenting with a progressively enlarging mass in the first dorsal web space of their hands are reported. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated the cause to be a hypertrophic first dorsal interosseous muscle, with normal T1, T2 and post-gadopentetate dimeglumine signal characteristics. The ability of MRI to diagnose(More)
Hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS) is characterized by hypoxia, orthodeoxia, and platypnea, associated with severe chronic liver disease. Liver transplantation is generally viewed as the only curative treatment for this syndrome, but it may be complicated by prolonged hypoxia after the procedure. We report on a 58-year-old female patient with alcoholic(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims at assessing mental competence in Chinese patients with mild and very mild dementia with a semistructured assessment method and the impact of repeated presentations of information on patients' mental competence. DESIGN Subjects with mild and very mild dementia were compared with cognitively intact subjects. SETTING Chinese(More)
AIM To investigate the age differences in the risk factors, clinicopathological characteristics and patterns of treatment of female breast cancer patients. METHODS Seven thousand one hundred and fifty-two women with primary breast cancer from the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry were recruited after receiving patients' consent, they were asked to complete(More)
A 37-year-old woman, with previously resected mucinous adenocarcinoma of the colon, presented with menorrhagia and a palpable pelvic mass. Radiographs and computed tomography (CT) demonstrated calcified peritoneal carcinomatosis in the abdomen and pelvis. Types of abdominal calcifications and imaging of intraperitoneal masses, particularly of peritoneal(More)
Printing expenses in college computing labs have been escalating along with the use of technology in instruction. Commercially available print management software requires a huge initial financial investment with uncertain cost recovery. The outcome usually involves shifting most of the print management software expense to students. Find out how the(More)
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