Lorna Morris

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Integr8 is a new web portal for exploring the biology of organisms with completely deciphered genomes. For over 190 species, Integr8 provides access to general information, recent publications, and a detailed statistical overview of the genome and proteome of the organism. The preparation of this analysis is supported through Genome Reviews, a new database(More)
In molecular profiling studies of cancer patients, experimental and clinical data are combined in order to understand the clinical heterogeneity of the disease: clinical information for each subject needs to be linked to tumour samples, macromolecules extracted, and experimental results. This may involve the integration of clinical data sets from several(More)
As Grid technology matures and emerges from e-Science research as production systems such as the National Grid Service (NGS) and Campus Grids, its potential user-base will expand. Some of these user communities such as Bioinformatics and the Social Sciences rely on well-established software solutions involving R, Stata and Matlab. These applications do not(More)
Breast cancer risk factors and clinical outcomes vary by tumour marker expression. However, individual studies often lack the power required to assess these relationships, and large-scale analyses are limited by the need for high throughput, standardized scoring methods. To address these limitations, we assessed whether automated image analysis of(More)
As e-Social Science develops, there will be a growing user base of social researchers who are keen to share resources and applications in order to tackle some of the large-scale research challenges that confront us. They will be aware of the potential of e-Science technology to provide collaborative tools and provide access to distributed computing(More)
The use of tissue microarrays (TMA) and advances in digital scanning microscopy has enabled the collection of thousands of tissue images. There is a need for software tools to annotate, query and share this data amongst researchers in different physical locations. We have developed an open source web-based application for remote scoring of TMA images, which(More)
Depressed patients complain of problems of memory and concentration, and it would be helpful to have a therapeutic procedure capable of reducing or alleviating these problems. The short-term effects of an imagery formation technique were compared with brief relaxation on a range of subjective and objective measures. Imagery formation substantially improved(More)
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