Lorna McKnight

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While devices such as iPhones, iPads and Surface tables enable a wide range of interaction possibilities, we do not yet have a set of widely understood terminology that conveys the new and unfamiliar touch-screen gestures required for interaction. In this paper we explore terminology for touch-screen gestures and in particular the implications for child(More)
iNtroDUCtioN Touch-screens are undoubtedly becoming more and more prevalent in society, and particularly in the domain of mobile computing. The growing inclusion of touch-screens in mobile phones, as well as popular devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the Nintendo DS, has led to the argument that touch-screens are becoming the standard rather than a(More)
What would happen if we wrote an Abstract that was the exact opposite of what the paper described? This is a bad idea, but it makes us think more carefully than usual about properties of Abstracts. This paper describes BadIdeas, a collection of techniques that uses 'bad' or 'silly' ideas to inspire creativity, explore design domains and teach critical(More)
While many models exist to support the design process of a software development project, the evaluation process is far less well defined and this lack of definition often leads to poorly designed evaluations, or the use of the wrong evaluation method. Evaluations of products for children can be especially complex as they need to consider the different(More)
While standard icons often exist for common tasks, it can be difficult to design meaningful icons for non-standard tasks. Following a desire to build a music application that does not rely on text-based instructions, this paper explores suitable iconic representations for a 'record music' function on a mobile device. A study was carried out with primary(More)
Mobile devices are often promoted by the media as being able to offer great benefits for users with special educational needs by supporting and enabling learning. However, there is a strong call from the research community for more evidence-based solutions in the field of Assistive Technologies (AT), so there is a need to carefully consider evidence from(More)
This paper describes three initial case studies of software use by teachers to support learners with special educational needs. In each case, the teachers were observed to be appropriating the software in ways that went beyond the intended use of the technologies. Appropriation has been previously explored as a positive process that provides benefits to(More)
We report a study that examined the roles of exploration and constraint in design creativity. 48 student participants undertook mental and physical variants of a design synthesis task requiring the creation of objects from presented shape components. In contrast with previous research, creativity scores were not affected by a preinventive phase in which(More)
There have been previous hints that the transiting planet WASP-3b is accompanied by a second planet in a nearby orbit, based on small deviations from strict periodicity of the observed transits. Here we present 17 precise radial velocity (RV) measurements and 32 transit light curves that were acquired between 2009 and 2011. These data were used to refine(More)