Lorna M. Hughes

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To study the mechanisms of discrimination between various forms of vitamin E, four normal subjects, one patient with lipoprotein lipase deficiency, and three patients with abnormal apolipoprotein B-100 production were given an oral dose containing three tocopherols labeled with differing amounts of deuterium (2R,4'R,8'R-alpha-(5,7-(C2H3)2)tocopheryl acetate(More)
232 patients attending a breast clinic with breast pain as the primary presenting symptom were studied prospectively to define clinical syndromes and to attempt to elucidate aetiological factors. Those women in whom mastalgia was a minor aspect of their complaint, or who were primarily seeking reassurance that they did not have cancer, were excluded. Most(More)
Chronic injections of 2 mg/kg diazepam disrupted both steady-state performance and new discrimination learning in pigeons. However, the time course of disruption differed for each of the two tasks, i.e., steady-state performance was briefly disrupted early, whereas acquisition showed a more persistent delayed disruption. The difference was interpreted as(More)
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