Lorna M. Blackmore

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This paper presents an investigation of cognitive ability in 30 subjects at risk for Huntington's disease. Those shown to be at high or low risk for this disease are compared on a wide range of neuropsychological measures. Results indicate only one significant difference between the two groups; those who carry the gene show a higher level of performance on(More)
The IQ scores (WAIS-R) of 100 patients with insulin-treated diabetes (aged 25-52 yr) were compared with those of 100 healthy control subjects who were matched to the diabetic patients for sex, age, education, and social class. The diabetic group had lower WAIS-R performance and verbal IQ scores than the control group (P = 0.017 and P = 0.033, respectively)(More)
Urban expansion threatens global biodiversity through the destruction of natural and semi-natural habitats and increased levels of disturbance. Whilst woodlands in urban areas may reduce the impact of urbanisation on biodiversity, they are often subject to under or over-management and consist of small, fragmented patches which may be isolated. Effective(More)
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