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Survival and Persistence of Nonpathogenic Escherichia coli and Attenuated Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Soils Amended with Animal Manure in a Greenhouse Environment.
Animal manure provides benefits to agriculture but may contain pathogens that contaminate ready-to-eat produce. U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program standards include 90- orExpand
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Induction of Transcription Factor Early Growth Response Protein 1 during HSV-1 Infection Promotes Viral Replication in Corneal Cells
Aims To understand the mechanisms of Early Growth Response Protein 1 (Egr-1) induction upon HSV-1 lytic infection and its roles in regulating viral gene expression and replication. Study DesignExpand
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Lytic HSV-1 infection induces the multifunctional transcription factor Early Growth Response-1 (EGR-1) in rabbit corneal cells
BackgroundHerpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1) infections can cause a number of diseases ranging from simple cold sores to dangerous keratitis and lethal encephalitis. The interaction between virusExpand
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Student Competition: Microbiology and Food Safety
The US laying hen industry suffered a major loss due to highly pathogenic avian influenza in 2015. Many of the 5.3 million pullets euthanized were healthy but could not be moved because of quarantineExpand