Lorna Facteau

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The purpose of this study was to develop a simple, single-page measurement tool that evaluates risk of skin breakdown in the peadiatric population and apply it to the acutely hospitalized child. Data were collected over a 15-month period from 347 patients on four in-patient units (PICU, medical-surgical, oncology, and adolescents) on skin breakdown using(More)
Population growth and aging increase the demand for skilled nurses. Hospitals face the challenge of supplying experienced and qualified caregivers. The cost of training new nurses remains significant. Nursing educators are pivotal in developing the nursing workforce, especially under tightening constraints. This article examines the development of a nursing(More)
Establishing evidence-based practice is a difficult process. The authors describe an innovative collaborative project for establishing evidence-based practice in managing pain in pediatric oncology patients. Using the project as an example, they address the theoretical foundation to support evidence-based practice, barriers to adopting evidence, and(More)
This qualitative study explores the functions of 19 Black grandmothers who are engaged in the care of their adolescent daughters' infants. Interviews with grandmothers revealed seven functions related to this role: managing, caretaking, coaching, assessing, nurturing, assigning, patrolling. Suggestions for future research with Black grandmothers are given.
Today's health care systems face enormous challenges. Market changes, workforce shortages, and the new consumerism force us to work in new ways. Inova Health System, a network of health care services providing care in suburban Northern Virginia, has embarked on team-based organizational strategies to meet these demands. We believe our success with(More)
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