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Numerical demonstration of neuromorphic computing with photonic crystal cavities
We propose a new design for a passive photonic reservoir computer on a silicon photonics chip which can be used in the context of optical communication applications, and study it through detailed
Left main coronary stenosis as a late complication of percutaneous angioplasty:an old problem, but still a problem
The potential occurrence of LMCS following a percutaneous intervention procedure, especially when complicated and repeated, should not be underestimated in the current era and may offer the rationale to schedule non-invasive imaging tests to monitor left main coronary patency after the procedure as well as to fuel further research to develop less traumatic materials.
Title Interplay between BRCA 1 and RHAMM regulates epithelial apicobasal polarization and may influence risk of breast cancer
Differentiated mammary epithelium shows apicobasal polarity, and loss of tissue organization is an early hallmark of breast carcinogenesis. In BRCA1 mutation carriers, accumulation of stem and
Patent foramen ovale closure in over-60-years old patients with diastolic dysfunction
The present study suggests that PFO transcatheter closure may be safely performed in aged patients with diastolic dysfunction class 1-2 in order to assess changes in haemodynamic parameters of left ventricle function.
An Inconvenient Tariff
Status Update:China Is A Market Economy
By granting China market economy status,the United States could help promote China’s market reform and increase global competition Facebook and Twitter are revolution-izing how people communicate
Prophylactic endovascular management of peripheral artery disease in elderly candidates prior to cardiac surgery
It is not unusual for elderly patients who are candidates for cardiac surgery to require endovascular intervention for significant PVD prior to coronary bypass or valvular surgery, and the mid-term impact on subsequent revascularization is unclear.
Exploring the applicability of blockchain in lowering transaction costs in the commercial real estate due diligence process: a case study research
The global market for real estate has experienced a significant growth since the financial crisis in 2008. The current global value amounts to more than $200 trillion and comprises nearly 60% of the
How Not to Handle An Oil Spill